84th Annual Dallas Golden Gloves Tournement
Date/Time:1/20/2020 - 1/25/2020
Sanction #:  20-26-49446
Sanctioned Event Details
Sanctioned Event Description
Facebook page for schedule of where and when passbooks will be issued!
Weigh-ins will be held Sunday January 12, 2020 from 9 AM – 12 Noon. Be prepared to wait outside as room will be limited.
Hella Shrine Temple 2121 Rowlett Road Garland, TX 75043
All Boxers must be present and weigh in in order to compete in the 2020 DGG.
Region 6  Dallas Silver Gloves boxers will not be required to weigh in on Sunday, January 12, 2020. But they must turn in their passbook and their name shall be on the Teams Competitor’s List; they must declare their weight; they do not have to compete in the same weight class as the Silver Gloves. Team coaches or Texas Silver Gloves Tournament Director, Barney Flores, shall surrender their passbook at registrations.
According to Golden Gloves rules the boxers will be allowed to weigh-in twice during the designated weigh-in period to make weight.
There will be no emailing or call ins for the 2020 DGG. Each team shall have a competitors list prepared for registration. One for males and one for females.
Age determination date for ALL Boxers will be January 20, 2020. To compete in the Open Tournament and advance to Texas State Golden Gloves you must be 18 – 40 years old. 18 year old males and females will have a choice to either box as open boxers that will advance to TX State Golden Gloves or compete at regionals only as Youth Division boxers.
UPDATED!! The women open division will advance to Texas State Golden Gloves.
Please study the Competitors Lists attached and fill out the forms correctly.
 Passbook and must be registered for the 2020 year and printed registration form must be attached to front page of their passbook.
 Fit to Box Physical form must be attached to back of passbook, completely filled out with Doctors’ signature, Printed name and address of Physician, signed by Parent for minor children, signed by boxer. NO EXCEPTIONS!! All physicals must be 2019 or 2020. 2019 physicals are good for 12 months; if you had a physical on June 6. 2019 the physical will expire June 6, 2020. No one will be allowed to enter the tournament if their physical expires on or before January 24, 2020. Physical forms can be found at https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Boxing
Select “FORMS” in the heading and then “Athlete Physical”.
 Braces form
2020 84th Annual Dallas Golden Gloves Fact Sheet
 Female wavier signed by Parent for minors.
 Open advancing boxers (18-40) can be non-citizens as long as they are here legally, they have to show documentation of a green card or be a DACA recipient.  


 There are no minimum bout requirement for a boxer to participate in Golden Gloves competition. Safety and coach’s discretion will determine if a boxer participates and/or what class the boxer participates in.
If a boxer won the Novice Division in 2019 DGG, he/she must compete in the OPEN division age 18-40.
Transgender-should there be a individual that is Transgender, please contact USA Boxing and they will give you information on how can participate in the 2020 DGG tournament.
The draw will take place on Sunday January 12, 2020 TBD:
Garland Police Boxing Gym
101 S. Ninth Street
Garland, TX 75040
All Coaches are encouraged to attend to make certain their boxer is in the right division.
The Brackets will be posted on the Dallas Golden Gloves Website immediately following the draw.
Competition will take place January 20 through January 24, 2020 at 7 PM nightly.
Venue Doors will open for spectators at 6 PM
Admission $15 nightly
Daily Weighins
Daily weigh ins will be from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM. for those boxers competing that day; every day you box you must make weight. Scales will close promptly at 6:30. Do Not Be late.
Daily prebout physicals will take place as soon as boxers have completed weigh ins.
Pee Wee Novice PWN 45 sec X 3 rounds
Pee Wee Open PWO 1 min X 3 rounds
Bantam Novice BN 45 sec X 3 rounds
Bantam Open BO 1 min X 3 rounds
Intermediate Novice IN 45 sec X 3 rounds
Intermediate Open IO 1.5 min X 3 rounds
Junior Novice JN 45 sec X 3 rounds
Junior Open JO 2 min X 3 rounds
Novice NOV 1 min X 3 rounds
Open OPEN 2 min X 3 rounds Preliminary bouts
3 min X 3 rounds Semifinals and Finals
Women Novice FNOV 1 min X 3 rounds
Women Open FOPEN 2 min X 3 rounds Preliminary bouts 3 min X 3 rounds Semifinals and Finals
8.2 Eligibility of Amateur Combat Sports Participants
1) Any boxer that competes in an amateur combat sports event is eligible to compete in USA Boxing upon meeting the following Requirements:
a. Individuals who have competed in amateur combat sports must declare their record at the time of registration for USA Boxing membership.
b. Generally, individuals who have compted in amatirt combat sports will compete in the Open division of their age division for all USA Boxing sanctioned events.
c. Such individuals may not be eligible to compete in the Novice division of USA Boxing Sanctionsed events. Individuals who believe they cannot compete safely in the open division may request a waiver of this rule from the USA Boxing National Office. Waiver procedure found in Appendix K. ( Must arrive in National Office 10 days prior to Sanctioned Event).
All contestants will receive credentials for admission for the tournament. All boxers that are participating the night of tournament must present his/her credentials every night to gain entrance into the HELLA Shrine Temple.
Coaches’ passes will be distributed to the coaches by Reggie Woods at the weigh-ins on Sunday January 12, 2020. Each coach must have Red passbook with current 2020 Credentials on the 1st page with proof of certification and not on your cell phones. Membership credentials must be presented in order to receive your coaches pass for the Dallas Golden Gloves.
Reggie Woods or Barney Flores will issue replacement passes/tickets.
Contact any of individuals below for more information.
Reggie Woods Debbie Holmes Barney Flores
214-533-6872   214-797-9953                  972-562-5958
Location & Contact Information
2121 Rowlett Road
Garland, TX  75043
Contact:Reginald Woods
Official in Charge:Deborah Holmes

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