USA Boxing Leadership and Registered Coaches,

We start the new year with a lot of optimism and many questions. I can assure you the USA Board of Directors and Executive Director Mr. Mike Martino have been battling hard for our men's and women's programs. As you know AIBA has changed many rules. Scoring, judging, refereeing, headgears taken off at the elite men's level and coach certification are changing.

AIBA has developed a 1, 2, and 3 "Star" certification system that all countries must recognize in order for coaches to participate in an AIBA sponsored event. A coach must pass a certification test administered by an AIBA international clinician to become an AIBA 1-Star in order to work a corner or be involved in an AIBA sanctioned event domestically or internationally.

At the USA domestic level we presently have Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4. These domestic levels are not recognized by AIBA for progression in the AIBA Star system. We are presently organizing the USA levels and will combine them into a domestic level 1 and level 2. There will no longer be levels 3 and 4. Level 1 will continue to be centered around safety and risk management but will be more specific to include concussion protocol and basic boxing fundamentals and skills. This level 1 certification will be administered at the LBC level by a USA Boxing Certified Clinician. It is our intent to have level 1 re-certification available on line. The level 2 certification will be more comprehensive to include materials from levels 2, 3, and 4. We will design this level 2 to parallel the AIBA 1-Star and prepare our coaches to progress from domestic-only participation to AIBA sponsored events.

At the present time only the current domestic level 1 coach certification is available. Clinicians will be identified by the National Office in conjunction with the LBC Presidents.

Very Respectfully,
Ed Weichers
USA Boxing
Coach Education and Development Coordinator


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