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From the President's Desk
From the Executive Director
The 2013 Junior World Championships Team Prepares for Global Competition
Olympic gold medalist Claressa Shields Readies for College
Membership Update
USA Boxing Rulebook Now Available Online
2013 National PAL Championships Information
Design the Next USA Boxing Women's T-shirt
USA Boxing to Unveil New Ranking System
 ~ From the President's Desk ~

We have a great new Board who met for the first time during the Ringside World Championships in Independence, Mo. earlier this month. The talent and enthusiasm level surpasses any BOD I have seen: a general manager of several NFL teams; high level executives from Rand, Abercrombie, Hollywood -- people with incredible talent in business, finance, and marketing, as well as some excellent boxing people.

The BOD has approved the new Technical and Competition Rules; are starting initiatives to help us raise money; and are making their talents available to help us become the great organization that we once were. This BOD recognizes the goal we have to bring the organization together and become the best. This BOD also recognizes that if we attain this goal it will not be through them but only through every member working together.

So many of you responded to my last letter calling for volunteers to organize and help the Grassroots that we will be able to use only a portion of those willing to help. If you are not put to work immediately, do not get discouraged. We are a volunteer organization. Our strength is in our membership. There will be plenty of projects and initiatives in the future. Thank you for offering your services; please keep offering them.
Mr. DJ Walton is one of our new independent directors on the BOD. He runs the affairs of Alicia Keys and has worked with many famous entertainers. He is charged with selecting and overseeing the Grassroots Think Tank until the group is established and running smoothly. DJ will be the support person for this group and liaison with the BOD.
Anthony Bartkowski and I spoke at the Association of Boxing Commissioners Convention. We let it be known that there are many outside our sport who do not favor us. It will only be by working together to clean up corruption and make our sport great that we will all succeed. We were received positively and USA Boxing made many friends in this group.
One last issue – but one of great importance. We all recognize that our organization has been fractured and weakened by politics and infighting. We must become a team.
One of the most injurious practices to our organizations occurs when a member has a “gripe.” The “griper” doesn’t write to the person with whom they have the “gripe” – they write to all their friends or all LBC people or all Affiliate people or just to a lot of people. This fractures the organization. I have a policy. If I am upset at someone, I contact that person directly and discuss the matter. If I do not get satisfaction, I may go to their boss.
Think about this. Put the organization first.   When you are receive a “group ‘gripe’ mailing” – ask yourself if is this from someone who wants to divide us. What issues are really so important that they justify causing damage to the organization? When you receive such a mailing, make a judgment on whether this issue is so world-shaking that it warrants stirring up more emotions causing division in the sport to which we have dedicated so much of our lives.   Actions like these have been our downfall. It is time for us to unite and push to rebuild USA Boxing. The era of personal agendas and selfishness needs to cease. We are here for the athletes; this behavior is not consistent with supporting the athletes. Many members dedicate their lives to USA Boxing. Every member must act professionally out of respect for our Boxing family.
Once again, I am proud to work for you and humbled by your sacrifices.  Each member should think of us as holding a position of trust and service to every athlete and every other member. We are USA Boxing.
In Friendship and in Boxing,
  From the Executive Director

As most of our athletes start returning to school, the major international tournament season is commencing. We have made a great run through the preparation phase of the season as 64 of our athletes have won medals internationally with 44 of those medals shining gold or silver. We have made a difference in how our athletes are prepared, and now it is crunch time as our athletes are finalizing their training periods in preparation for the most important part of the competition season:
·      Junior Men’s World Championships in Kiev, Ukraine
·      Junior and Youth Women’s World Championships, Albena, Bulgaria
·      Elite Men’s Continental Championships, Santiago de Chile, Chile
·      Elite Men’s World Championships, Almaty, Kazakhstan
I am proud to say we are supporting the athletes who qualified at the respective selection events. We have focused our efforts on our international calendar and training programs in 2013. There have been many highlights throughout the year, and we wish our athletes the best of success this fall.
We will be watching the World Championships intently to see how Team USA measures up to the rest of the world. We have a lot of fresh faces on our teams, and we want to get behind all athletes and coaches. The pinnacle of our sport is winning a medal at the Olympic Games. Our high performance team is solely focused on this goal. The upcoming World Championships are a major stepping-stone as we move closer to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.
The High Performance Team recently completed the 2014 High Performance Plan where the focus will shift toward the Youth and Elite athletes as they advance toward 2016 Olympic Games qualification. We have developed a comprehensive athlete investment strategy that we are following closely. The detailed 2014 plan will include new technology advancements in how athletes are training. We are now in the data collection phase and will be evaluating the data to see how it can be best implemented in the advancement of our athletes.
The team is also evaluating the selection process for the 2016 Olympic Games and hopes to have this finalized in the coming months. We are looking at a wide variety of selection options and it is too early to discuss any further.
We are seeking USOC funding to support our vast international calendar that will provide the National Team athletes with great development opportunities. We are also seeking new national sponsors to help fund some of these programs, but more importantly re-investing those monies into programs for our grassroots athletes, coaches and referees/judges to advance their skillsets.
In closing, I am very proud of the many individuals who volunteered their services to help the grassroots grow. This new “Think Tank” Working Group will be led by DJ Walton, one of our new Independent Directors on the Board. The enthusiasm within this group is truly remarkable and I anticipate seeing a great work product that will energize our many club owners.
In closing, make sure to visit the USA Boxing website to stay updated on the many travels of Team USA.
Best regards,

The 2013 Junior World Championships Team Prepares for Global Competition

The 13 young male athletes who will vie for gold at the 2013 Junior World Championships in Kiev, Ukraine, are preparing for the major event, which will be contested September 5-15. The Junior World Championships squad recently participated in a major camp with several of their youth and elite counterparts at the Olympic Training Center to aid in their preparation. The athletes competing in the event will be: pinweight Jordan White (Waldorf, Md.), light flyweight Freudis Rojas, Jr. (Las Vegas, Nev.), flyweight Joseph Cuellar (Tulare, Calif.), light bantamweight Shakur Stevenson (Newark, N.J.), bantamweight Devin Haney (Las Vegas, Nev.), featherweight Michael Nelson (Mansfield, Ohio), lightweight Keoni Adric, Jr. (Haleiwa, Hawaii), light welterweight Brandon Trejo (Napa, Calif.), welterweight Javier Estrada (Palmdale, Calif.), junior middleweight Alexis Rocha (Santa Ana, Calif.), middleweight Eric Murguia (Mission Hills, Calif.), light heavyweight Suray Mahmutovic (Daly City, Calif.), and heavyweight Pano Tiatia (St. George, Utah).


2013 USA Boxing Elite National Champions Leroy Davila (New Brunswick, N.J.) and Kenneth Sims, Jr. (Chicago, Ill.) will join youth titlists Antonio Vargas (Kissimmee, Fla.), Alex Rincon (Carrollton, Texas), and Alexis Urbina (Phoenix, Ariz.) for the training camp. Bantamweight Dennis Galarza (Orlando, Fla.) and welterweight Erickson Lubin (Kissimmee, Fla.) joined them at the recent training camp.


Coaches Keoni Adric, Sr. (Haleiwa, Hawaii), Willie Moses (Newark, N.J.), Daniel Soto (Kissimmee, Fla.), and Andrew Soto (Phoenix, Ariz.) assisted USA Boxing International Teaching Coach Pedro Roque at the recent training camp.
Olympic Gold Medalist Claressa Shields Prepares for College

USA Boxing’s own golden girl, Claressa Shields, is preparing for her latest challenge and it won’t take place in the boxing ring. The second youngest gold medalist in Olympic boxing history has received a scholarship to attend Olivet College in Olivet, Mich. She joined her fellow incoming freshman at orientation recently and is looking forward to starting classes later this month in Olivet nearly 90 minutes from Flint. The 18-year-old, who is the first in her family to graduate high school, plans to study broadcast journalism and business.


For more on what’s next for Claressa, read this national AP article -


Membership Update

USA Boxing will begin requiring unique email addresses for each member beginning January 1, 2014.  Many member records contain an email address that has been used for another member’s registration.  Please log in to your USA Boxing account and update your email address if needed.  Checking your email address now will allow for more efficient membership renewal and ensure that you receive proper communication between now and the end of the year. We realize that many families do not allow their children to maintain a separate email account and we are working with the database manager to allow family accounts and access for the online system.  Please email the Membership Department at with any questions.

USA Boxing Rulebook Now Available Online

Beginning January 1, 2014 USA Boxing will enforce all new rules as set forth by AIBA and the new USA Boxing Technical and Competition Rules.  The USA Boxing Technical and Competition Rulebooks can be viewed and downloaded online at  Local Boxing Committees and Clubs may choose to abide by these new rules effective immediately.  All Local Boxing Committees and Clubs will be required to adhere to all USA Boxing Technical and Competition Rules starting January 1, 2014.

Please note that all State and Regional qualifying events taking place in 2013 for the 2014 USA Boxing Junior/Youth National Team Open and 2014 USA Boxing National Championships must enforce all new rules as mandated by USA Boxing.

USA Boxing strongly encourages all members to read both the Technical and Competition Rulebooks to familiarize yourself with the changes that have been written.  As you will see there have been adjustments made so that competitions and shows at the local level have a certain level of flexibility in the planning, match-making and equipment used.  It is vital that all information is read and understood so that boxing on all levels continues to run smoothly and effectively.

A number of the changes you will see in the new set of USA Boxing Technical and Competition Rules are to adhere more closely with the revised AIBA Technical and Competition Rules (June 1, 2013).  In order for USA Boxing to regain a position in the top ranks of International and Olympic Boxing, we must align ourselves with the AIBA Technical and Competition Rules to prepare our athletes, on their home soil, for what they will encounter when competing internationally.

Along with the Technical and Competition Rules, USA Boxing has also made the updated Medical Handbook available for members to view and download.  This is also available online at  With the changes made in the USA Boxing Technical and Competition Rules it is extremely important to understand the Medical rules and policies that may have changed regarding membership, yearly physicals and competitions.

USA Boxing is excited to move ahead in a positive new direction with the implementation of the new Technical and Competition Rules.

To access the new rulebook, go to:

2013 National PAL Championships Information

The dates are set for the 2013 National PAL Championships in Oxnard, Calif. Tournament registration will take place on September 28-29 and competition will be contested from September 30-October 5 at the Oxnard PAL Gym. For more information on the event, go to:

Design the next USA Boxing Women's T-shirt

Attention Females of USA Boxing-
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Would you like a logo that is just for you - the girls and women of USA Boxing?
We have an idea for a t-shirt, but need your help. The t-shirt art is to the left - but we need a slogan or a catch phrase to go along with it. For example, "Eat.Sleep.Box." or "I punch like a girl -so watch out!"
We need your help in designing a t-shirt that you would be proud to wear!
Please submit your slogan idea to by August 31, 2013.  If we use your slogan, you will get a prize!
USA Boxing to Unveil New Ranking System

USA Boxing’s high performance team has been working on the creation of a new ranking system for its top athletes in the junior, youth and elite divisions. The primary purpose of the USA Boxing ranking system will be to identify and track the nation’s top boxers who will be considered for national team program opportunities. This will also develop a vehicle for athletes to monitor and track their progress amongst other athletes in their division and weight class. Another function of this ranking system will be to establish a basis for seeding at USA Boxing’s national events.

Eligible athletes can only earn ranking points at a USA Boxing approved ranking event. In addition to the ranking system, there will be an application process in place for events looking to be named a USA Boxing ranking tournament.

Full information on the new ranking system, the current rankings and the event application will be released soon on the USA Boxing website.